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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: My Memory Bank ::

I unsheathed my pentax optio s4 in a bid to freeze that particular moment.
"There you go again, always taking pictures," he chastised.
"You'll thank me for what I am doing now, one day in the future," I smiled.
And I am sure he would.
For the years and months and days and hours and minutes and seconds pass incessantly.
And everything is destined to be forgotten.
Unless one resolves to capture the essence of the particular moment.
And in the waning of our years
Where everything greys into nothingness
As we refresh ourselves again with these frozen moments
May we find solace in remembering
Once again.

As he was kissed by his birthday girl I snapped the most candid shot.
I have never seen him blush this way before.
I am sure, I am, that he will be grateful for this.

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and i thot no one would understand why I keep snapping pictures...

but that's different what.
half your pics are unsuspecting scantily clad fellas out of gym.

(btw, i gave up and just deleted all temp internet files last night) :(

those pics are what I downloaded, not taken.
I take pictures for remembrance.
you should have deleted only the jpg files.

we better take all this vandalism out of here. ;P

huh. i was talking about your regular posts, not the exclusive entry.

erm. orh. oops.
:: brings on the whitewash ::

haha.. people also do keep pictures because they want to remember how it was back then


I'm just wondering if I'm colour blind or the grey statue in the picture up there has a funny shade of blush. ;P

A picture paints a thousand words

Well i do agree on your point of view thats why i invested 700++ on digital cam before i left for australia cause i know that this is the period of time i will never forget in my life thus i would like to have something that i could remember it by when i'm old or something.There is only so much that a human brain can contain.

Re: A picture paints a thousand words

*awaits more pics from psycho0907*

And.....you have just articulated some of my thoughts. Probably that's why my LJ is full of pics nowadays ;p

Nice shots. Well done. Must learn to take pics like you :o)

we can never take enough pictures in our whole life.....but we will always keep on trying and taking, for memory, remembrance.

"You'll thank me for what I am doing now, one day in the future," I smiled" ~~ reminds me of all the picture I should take but never

then please take more, and share!


i used to shun the camera until one day i realised i had no collection of my teenage years.

it's not too late! you're still a teenager wat.

*ties shoelaces*

may your hard disk be in working condition. always :)

one must remember to backup in the most stable media (solid state stuff will be good).

i've got a portable 120gb hard disk now.


i have to agree with you that taking pictures preserves memories. but sometimes when i take a picture, i wonder to myself. "Beautiful pictures will remain etched in our memories for Life..."

Yet some people are capable of keeping mental images in the mind for years and years and years, especially vengeful ones.

Thanks for the pictures in my mind..

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