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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: The Weekend Past ::

It must have been a tumultuous tide.
It must have been a rollercoaster ride.
I noted the rise, the speechless highs.
And then the ebb, the sobbing sighs.

Having said I said that,
There's no time to waste
(on rhymes and embellishments).
The journey must go on.

And with a backward glance,
And a tinge of what-ifs vapourising in the rising sun,
I walk on forth.
Wonder what's over that hill.

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yo man!
you alrite there?
wat's up?

i'm ok lah.
if i'm not ok i'll never put anything on lj. *hints*

you take care and have fun with the cicadas!

heh... i'm almost back liao.
heh... the cicadas only now then come out to play... and i'm almost going liao..
Think i'm going to Mandai Hill..;P
6 DIV.

I was flooded with such thoughts too
Urging myself to pull through
Then perhaps in the medium to come
There'll be a hopeful farm

Sometimes it gets really difficult for someone as cheena as I am to read between the lines of your poetry...

Therefore my conclusion is

(i) I could tell if you are unhappy when I see you in the gym
(ii) I would wait for the day when you are really depressed to tell me what happened.

Take care, dude. Do not let what is going on affect you emotionally:)

same leh, I can't read between lines.


look at the map and u'll know what's over the hill...might be a surprise:)

*waiting for a sap background job*

happened to pass by ur lj through gyzer's.
decided to add u to my lj friends coz i like the way u write.

oh i write loads of nonsense.


i happened to enjoy nonsense.
u're in luck dude!

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