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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Recap : Phuket ::

We only live once.

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Is that u in the pic?? :P SCARY!!

would you wanna live more than once? :)

btw, how much did a jump cost?

tonnes of courage and a moment of resolution.

*la la la*

wow. is that you or angel?

wow once more before i left.


you could have done that in your white overalls.


oooo waaaaa ... your a brave boy

and hopefully, acted upon.


..so treasure every single moment..

looks as if ur pants dropped upwards and your boxers were about to follow..

Wooooo...can't wait till i get to do it!

The the best of life then, enjoy!

way to go !

next go try the reverse bungy, also know as the catapult. mind boggling. then go try the jump nets !

cheena mama has height phobia. Interestingly, the more fear I have, the more I dare. Did I see phuket? okay.

Oooh....so brave. Strangely I tried tandem skydiving, but no courage to do bungee jump.

(the reverse Gmax bungee jump at clark quay dun count. not scary at all!)

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