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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A Wedding and No funerals ::

i hate going to weddings. what does one do when one's 'ex-girlfriend' get married?
am i supposed to be happy, or should i feel sad? or
am i supposed to be 'happy', or should i feel 'sad'?
i cannot help but see the undercurrents of Jim Carrey's THE MASK;
when one becomes too adept at the role he or she plays in the real world,
does the virtual world converge with the real one?
and what one pretends to be become part of his or her intrinsic self?
i guess i should feel happy, and feel 'sad'.
life's so complicated. heh.

i still hate going to weddings nonetheless.
hotdoggie says the food at The Pines is great.
Maybe i should go.

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food is one thing, but sometimes these kind of occasions are all about giving face.

you don't really "have to" feel anything if you don't really have any feeling...

but do i?
how does one know?

i do have feeling about her, don't i? - means i have feeling about her
i don't have feeling about her, do i? - means i don't have feeling about her.

Ok, i get what you mean now. (you don't feel anything about her right?) Hey, you can't communicate with me with too complicated english.

the Japanese rest. on the second level is good... :)
can try...

you still worry so much.
good that you enjoyed urself.

church wedding. night. gothic architecture. the cross. no face. was it a dream? was it reality? matter not. cos I was there.


not to mention, the wedding had a sushi spread


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