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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Me and My XDA Mini ::

I'm glad the hibernation helped. I have traded my sickness for a brand new XdaMini! *bows to cowie*
Over the course of the past fortnight, I managed to arrange for the sales of the K700i and DellAximX30 to raise funds for the Mini.
In fact, the Mini only cost an additional hundred-over bucks from my pockets. Sweet!

In the course of the Hari Raya Haji weekend, I sacrificed a good portion of my hiberation to celebrate Nigel's birthday, and Gerald's wedding.
Nigel's birthday was good ol' revelry, with ample booze. My first attempt at half a flaming lamborghini.
Gerald's wedding was heartwarming; church weddings never fail to move me, and make me ponder over my own one one day.
And despite my nasal overtones I did the best I could, and he remarked he made the right choice of the emcee. Phew.

The Mini came with cliffhangers. The camera function made everything grayscale, and a timely intervention by *pyrosx* saved the day. Hope you enjoyed the lychee.
And while installing the myriad programmes *cracked or otherwise*, the Mini just did a hard-reset on me.

I'm unperturbed.

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Were you by any chance installing a software called Pocket Mechanic? That one's pretty infamous for hard resetting PDAs for no reason...

Do try out
Pocket TV
.mobile Contacts
SPB Pocket Plus

And of course for games you can try
Bejeweled 2

Need any answers on the mini, just give me a buzz :)

eek it was that one!

It's because the software recognizes that the serial number is not genuine, then hard resets the PPC as a result...

So have you bought any casing for the mini?

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