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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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(no subject)

:: fountain of wealth? ::

everytime I pass by the fountain of wealth
and see the hordes people going round it
i can't help but laugh

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Not only that, the water comes from pond... eww. Microbes.

And to think that Suntec spends thousands a year to treat that water... >_

I think they are current using silver-copper disinfection...

There were (are?) midnight excursions to the fountain during auspicious days too... People just too free...

Jus like peep buying 4 D


its the fountain of kaypo

to them, it's a flicker of hope...

i stand there to watch and hope that accidently the water comes pouring out frm the top and splashes on them,, i seen it happen to this fat woman and he stupid kid on wheels

*now who said god does not punish evil?*

for all we know, u've touched it before and are trying to divert attention =p

many out there sought after the material pleasures...
it's blending into human blood...

some of them are jus too lazy to go to toilet to wash their hands after eatin at those restuarants there mah...

Hahahaha.... that's damn funny

You know... they say its a fountain of wealth, but they never specified for who...

I have to agree to this one.

Yeah... its for their feng shui.

Afterall, that fountain is in the palm of the Suntec "hand", isn't it?

yeah... wonder if it works... for those wash hands at the fountain = washing your luck into the hand of Suntec?? :P

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