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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Counting Still ::

1300 days
and counting
and counting
and counting

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That should mean you have less than 700 to go, yes?

it'll go by in a breeze la.. hang in there :)

yep i agree...stop counting...every moment counts...=)

but very sweet yes...

how u doing mini muscle boy?
:X heh

now count the number of days since the first u met me!!!!!
hehehhe .....

Any wait is worth it, if you know what you are waiting for... :)

It is more of the continuation of something existing than a hope for something to come, or something to end.

Hence it is worth counting. The milestones in a race of a lifetime are a good indication of how far we are in the shared journey, and with that, we may run with even more vigour and zest.

le meilleur est d'être encore!

wow ... race of a lifetime ...
so sweet and committed ...

*sings* "Amazing Race, how sweet the sound
that saved a fag like me ....." hehe

you're such a campy little number winson....heh heh.

continuation of something...i suppose....well whatever works for u sweetie...maybe you built some computerized day counting thing for things such as this haha...*blank stare*

counting what.... dun need to count la......


hee hee!

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