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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Go Forth and Multiply? ::

I admit that I was bowled over by the 1GB worth of free space for photos, journal entries and everything else on Multiply.
But since everything and everyone's already on Livejournal and Photobucket's here to stay for a while longer perhaps I shall remain faithful.
(But I have to admit that the privacy over at Multiply allowed me to write with less inhibition, albeit for a while, anyway.)


The day started late, with plans for cooking dinner at home. Pizza!
The last time I made pizza was at the Ziggurat, London with Nigel. We started right from the scratch with the bread machine and had loads of fun.
This time, thanks to the pizza dough from Cold Storage, pizza-making was a breeze.

The trip to the nurseries was an eventful one, and the bathroom got a lil' greener than the usual.

And the dinner cum entertainment was great! More salami next time, I promise!
7 hours of Simpsons Halloween was scarifying as well!

LJ, probably.

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i was on Multiply for nearly 3 months and it was merely left there untouched. don't really like the user interface for blogging.

it's more like friendster where u can see who is whose friend, just that it has extra features.

blogging wise - still think it's better over here, though i like the 1GB of album space over there.

The pizza looks yummy...make me hungry now!

sounded like fun...

missed the simpsons...

i oso hv a rubber ducky. heh heh

oh, everyone has to show?

i have a tiny one too :)

I totally forgot about TOH marathon!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

Love your rubber duckie pic!

I didnt know about mutliply. Hmm maybe i try?

Nice bathroom greenery stuff, and delicious pizza! Mine always looks horrible. Also, Arrgghh! I didnt know there is Halowwen Simpsons?? Oh wait, is it on Cartoon Network/Disney Channnel/Nikolodeon? And did u go for zouk on haloween? Must have :-) Both you and hotdoggie are almost queens of zouk ! :-)

Aiyoh... Go Forth and Multiply? Is that their catch phrase?
I got the goosepimples... ;p

I have a pic of you guys' rubber ducky..I have no idea when I took it... *drunk*

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