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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: 2046 ::

Watched 2046.

The familiar sight & sounds once again engulfed me; the forlorn silence, the inner turmoil and the overflowing emotions cycles phase to phase. Aren't we all living characters from that novel? Are we all not part of the cast that obstinately refuses to learn from our past; preferring to cling onto the past and savoring the "what ifs" and "what could haves".

Is it really about loving at the right time? I was challenged by that statement. Is there such a thing as a right time for love? Is early love not love? Is late love not love? Does love creep so ever silently that you get hit even before you know it? And when you get hit by it, it sends you spinning out of control?

I reckon so.

I see my life story in 2046. I see the different ladies of my life that came, that went and that remained. And there'll always be the ladies in white, the beloved guardian angels that will watch vigilantly from a distance and catch me if I should ever fall.

If you need to go to 2046 and need a ticket, I'll pass you mine if I have one. If change is here to stay I'll learn to appreciate the beauty of the blooming flowers of spring and the fresh fallen snow instead of pining for the endless Summer.

Who's with me in the cab?
Who's with you in the cab?

I wonder.

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I can't wait to see this, even if it does have Zhang Ziyi. *barf*

Just curious, how big are Gong Li and Carina Lau's parts? I love them both..

no puns intended right?
in any sense, both had small parts.


(having said that, i would think that Gong Li and Carina Lau have their own stories that were not presented fully in 2046. i would want to watch Day of being wild and In the mood for love once again, just to explore the feelings)

Unfortunately I am just one of the minor roles in the movie.. and I do not belong to the main actor or any of the actresses in the movie.

Everything the movie portrays about love is so true.. especially the part on the train.. because in the train, nothing changes, everything remains controlled. That is how some of the people around us are living. There is nothing wrong but they represent the inner fears of our emotions. We wanted things to change but we wanted it to change in our way.

That is why WKW is so popular among the critics...He spends so much time to bring out such things..

So I am not taking the cab... I am taking, another form of transportation,...guess now you know who I resembles most?

i think the greatest thing tony leung did was to bring faye wong back to his office on christmas eve and call her loved one, which was the high point of the movie for me.

the greatest moment for me was when tony tried to write a different ending, and couldn't do so.

Somehow i feel that some pple dun like this movie is due to the fact that they could have found it too intrusive to their inner self.. and they refuse to accept the fact that all human being have dark secrets in them which they usually prefer to avoid and hide instead of facing them...

Very good point actually.


Well.... In the middle of the movie.... I find it a bit draggy....
I think in a way, all the dramatic lovey dovey elements are kinda overly-hyped....
Do we really need to go the extent of over analysing our feelings and their implicated actions???
So what if we go thru' all that jazz about "What should have?".... " What shouldn't have?"? Will it change things at all???
Maybe sub-consciously, we do go thru' all the discussed facades.... I won't say it's denial , but rather we r just too pre-occupied with the practical world to dribble about the "not so pragmatic" life's chapters
I kinda emphatise with tony leung's character the most.... His ending leaves much to be desired i supposed....
Anyway, I like Faye and Gong Li's character best....
Their Selfless Natures.... haiz....
Ah well....

2046...hmmm..i like faye..haha

early love cannot blossom, for the mental state is not yet prepared.
late love cannot develop, for the mind is already committed.
i don't believe love creeps on you slowly, at least for me.
it is for me, a conscious choice of opening up and letting yourself go...

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