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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Another Milestone ::

Please support hotdoggie!

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Whoa! now i wish i had a dog...

and let him suffocate in my house? eh... me not so cruel.

can i loan one from you? Weekend dog license...


If I had a dog, I'd get one, pronto! All the best!

Hmm.. for the uninitiated, the full story can be found here:


Looking good.. all the best :)

Thanks dude. You have a hand in it!

Woof wof woof-woof wof...woooof wofwofwof woooof!

Press coverage - congrats! Question: does hotdoggie wear one? Ha ha ha ha ha. :P

I guess the Her World editor didn't contact you guys? She didn't reply to my email, sigh.

bryan's sooooo cute... and you need a haircut...

Can it be use on piglet?

I got no doggie at home *sobs*

Can it be use on piglets?

I was told that I can wear one around my neck...

the pug-userpic is very cute.
do you own a pug? it's one of my favourite breeds along JRT and golden retriever.

Actually, I don't own a dog in Singapore. This my friend's dog, name's Brumby, he's my God son. hehehe. Very naughty.

I have seena very adorable Golden Retriever, but he was slobbering all over. And a very very obedient JRT.

i see i see. but pugs are so expensive. and they are prone to breathing problems and tend to put on weight.
JRTs' price has dropped in the past couple of years. less expensive than pugs! but tend to develope skin problems. GRs tend to dislocate their hips.
ideally, i want to have a pug and a JRT. a nice combi, if they get along. :)

wow... interesting!
is it already in the pet shops?

i think it's a lil too big isn't it? hmmm... poor doggie has no more secrets.

This is just getting alittle too scary...

maybe we'll finally get to know how stupid dogs really think humans are after we go all act cute on them with all that baby talk....

Guess who's getting one for Christmas?

Can you please send 2 to my home?
my mum juz emailed saying tat the 2 puppies just destroyed her garden... hahaha

"....This morning when we got down to the main door. It was a great shock!
Our potted plants (quite a few) had left with only empty pots! some soils
went into their stomatches and of course plants were disappeared. Papa joked
there must be a terrible world war last night... you know lah! our dear
puppies loh... :( They freed themselves and had a very good time for
a whole night! play, run & fights... some shoes & sanders were landed on
the fields. luckily not yours & korkor's ones, headaches, we spent the
whole morning to clear the mess... They are quite big (size) now, especially
Sunny, we have to chain her in addition to the barrier...."

mebbe next time my mum can get advanced warning if they are in a notti mood again..

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