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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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At the end of the day

:: At the end of the day ::

The last audiophile CD I bought was a couple of months ago,
when I heard Corrine May's 'Fly Away' and Emi Fujita's 'Desperado'
over the air in the Sembawang CD shop at Cineleisure.

Then I bought Emi Fujita's 'Camomile Extra' last sunday.
Since then, the CD has been looping in my office's CD player.
And so it looped, in the background.
I was on my usual office chores, and paid no particular attention to the music selection.
Then, after a while, some tracks started to grow on me.
Especially this original piece written by Le Couple.
Le Couple became really famous in Japan after the release of "Hidamari on uta", or better known as 'Wishes'.

Maybe it is because I am inarticulate, that makes it so much easier to express myself through songs, like everyone else.
I had a recent chat with Ham Bao Bao over the difficulty in expressing oneself.
There is always so much to want to say, but somehow the words just do not come out right.
Usually, it is the silence that conveys the depth of the intent.
I recall with vividly the scene from 'Happy Together' that left an indelible impression on me;
when the tape recorder was passed to the Tony Leung in the dance hall, he tried,
and failed to say anything into the recorder.

Instead, he cried.
That moment of anguish was so poignant, so heartfelt.

Or the dance in the kitchen.
No words are spoken. For no words need to be spoken.
All that was needed was that look in the eyes, that recognition.
That breath behind the neck.
And of course, the single human touch,

to link
to connect
to love.

"and if you want to know that reason I'm crying, dear
It's cause I love you so
How I wish that there was something
I could do for you
Just to let it all
Darling, at the close of day, silently for love we'll pray"

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So sweet...

I have bought this cd so long time ago already...i rembr i was in olio dome having breakfast when i heard her album for the first time.. and the song that caught me was down by the sally garden...then subsequently i heard her album again when i was having haircut at reds bugis...finally i got to find out the name of the album and i started hunting for it..:P

Wanted to go for her concert at esplanade....but cnnt find pple who like her songs to go with me...sigh...so ended up nvr go..:(

I remember your song..
"Something so right" by Bonnie Rait

of coz i will always remember "I hope you dance" by LeeAnn Womack.

take care pal

heh sentimental u r.... Something bugging you????
Hey the sun is shining so bright today.... Hope u r alright.... :)

I've always admired the ability of people whose works can touch and strike a chord in us, be it a song or movie or picture or dance. Sometimes, I wish I have such talents so that I can express myself better.

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