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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: pain at the joint ::

Twenty one clicks, one blister and one really sore knee joint later
I'm thristy for salt and sugar, and determined to make
good kimchi

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did u listen to the radio?

Yups, and got some abrasion with the Nike PSA 110

My bro was there tis mornin!!!

hmmmm.. should ask him if he saw someone tad looks like harold...

and I saw someone who looked like you!


the guy on the left used to be from my node...=P

you dont mean sgt seet do you?!

Yeah there's a big white box of it in the kitchen.
Must ask the doc first.

*la la la*

i heard that you put on weight liao! :P

are you trying to place yourself in my target market?! :P

i oso kena go... on duty for you-know-who man...

but quite fun lah...

You ran the 5km fun run right?!



Duncha just love it when you see huge welcome signs going


*rolls eyes*

hey i was there yesterday too and i ran the 21 km for 2 reasons.

first to test my limit and secondly to get that 7 days off (thanks to co) if i ran under 2 hrs and 45 mins. considering i did not go for any training, it was an amazement to clock in at 2 hrs 30 mins.

all i know was after the 15 or 16 km, each km was like 2 km to me. therefore what i aim for was for the next water point. there was particularly one stretch of road where the water points were placed far apart. not very gd for runners.

today all of us re forced to take a one day rest unless one really needs to work. one day away means more oa mails to clear when i get back :|

gd run!

Hey congrats on completing it! I'm sure u must have made very good time!

* Can see lots of yummy boyz there too... i'm sure they must have given you inspiration to run faster! :-)

wat's this abt kimchi anyway??

remember i made kimchi some time ago.
i should do it again.


My B&O MP3 strapped to my right arm gave me abrasion too. Any more than 12km would result in a disastrous scar to me lats! And now, knee pain too! Damn.....

army two quarters marathon

to think i did that eons ago...(actually not too lah, i am not that old)

still didnt know what possessed me, but on that day, the only thing that kept me going was the bunch of commandos infront of me... have to imagine i was running after them (la pathetique)!

so wats ur time? i took forever.

Re: army two quarters marathon

two actually.

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