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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Mooncake Mania in Taka ::

The picture says it all.

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I want mooncakes!!!!
yummmmmyyy where my share???

Man, I'm missin all the action!

The selection here is rather pathetic.

ah... the panorama feature of the k700i...


I like to go around and try out all their samples though... :-)
Can be full already after tat!

Hmm.. that looks like somebirdy I know!

a bit hor... but doesnt look like the kinda tee shirt he'd wear...

ya that's wat i thought too.

the mooncakes aren't as dishy as the guy in the middle of the picture! :P

the guy in the center looks familiar.

I smell mooncakes. Rising from the east on friday..


mooncakes bad,
myoplex good...

just bought a box of snowskin green tea moonkcakes from the Raffles the Plaza stall.

very nice wor.

I thought Taka no dogs allowed? =)

Right...now that we've been formally introduced, can I add you to my list? huh huh huh?


just remember not to leave your precious belongings behind.


Jeeze cant belive he told you that!

the Raffles Hotel's champagne truffles mooncakes are awesome!!!!

and the Peninsula's Custard Mini Moon cakes are great !... HK's Peninsula that is... :P

Happy Zhong Qiu Jie my friend !!

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