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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Triple Combo ::

1. My car's warning light came on. Something was apparently wrong with the emission control. A check with Stamford revealed a heavily sooted spark plug. Diagnosis: loose thread. I don't have the habit of unscrewing my spark out every weekend to play with it before screwing it back. Are cars designed to have parts that fail after the first three years? Is that why all cars have warranties that last only three years? I wonder. The mechanics removed the entire boxer engine to rethread. Sounds ouch.

2. My laptop crashed on me. The windows update automatically installed Windows SP2 patch for me a couple of days ago. When I restarted the laptop it went into the infamous perpetual loop, with a dash of the blue screen of death (that came and went so quickly that it could even be sublimal) ; every option (even revert to last good startup or safe mode) brought me back to the menu. Banging didn't help. Diagnosis: ?????? A reinstallation of XP wiped everything off, including the months of photographs, musics, email exchanges, porn, critical files and all my unsaved work. Real ouch.

3. I needed the car and the unsaved work, as well as the contacts today. Ouch Ouch.

Be it bad luck or otherwise, life goes on. I could choose to be frustrated and rant forever about the sad plight that I'm in. Or I could choose to put all these behind me and remedy the problems. I chose the latter. It's like choosing the blue pill or the red pill in the Matrix; one could live in the world where one could be detached from reality, or one could face the harsh reality and face the monsters. It's all in my choosing.

While the car's with the mechanics, it's a joy commuting (occasionally) via buses, taxis and walking. I realised how little I've been walking from one destination to another. And I'm sure I will appreciate my Subaru more henceforth. While installing XP again, I managed to retrieve the 'formatted' pictures with the help of the zany "File Scavenger 2.1". Took me till 4am nonetheless (and a large part of today) but I will do more backups henceforth. And surprising, my K700i synchronization, and a couple of other programs which failed to work in the past, are working now. And I'm glad the registry's clean once again.

With another solitary episode over, it's time to revert back to the eat-sleep-work-gym-internet-tv-club-movies routine.
The relentless drudgery beckons.

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hope ur car n laptop 'get well' soon.... hugzzz

Yikes, that sounds like major major pain.

Pays to have a backup external HD these days methinks.

XP2 apparently has a bug where one of the main (read: Core) system files is not installed properly. Hence leading to failure to boot... :P My colleague's friend experienced the same, though its not all that common i thought...

Backup HD sounds like a good idea.

just grab a huge standard IDE 160GB harddisk (<$200), and stuff it into a USB2 / Firewire enclosure ($100+)

i'm using a 120GB :P

You need an external HDD!

Just got myself one.. transferred most of my stuff in there.. and my laptop's so much faster now! :)

Let's Zouk this Saturday. I need a few drinks. Bad bad bad week. It's bloody 3am in the morning, just finished work and in matter of hours, it's judgement day time. Dead meat stench in the air :o(

Hey I had that stupid infinite loop thing too! I thought it was something wrong with my PC, but I finally isolated it to be an old driver they installed (automatically, those fucking bastards at Microsoft) for my RAID controller that was causing everything to keep hanging... What I did was to use the XP installation disc to go into the diagnostic panel, which was a DOS interface, to fix the problem... Stayed up the whole night to solve the problem...

Actually how did the XP installation wipe out all your stuff? You formatted your HDD? Poor thing... There may have been other options available... *pat pat*

Let me defend Windows...

Microsoft has release notes that SP 2 will cause computers to hang if your computer contains any spyware or ADware. Microsoft did advice public to turn of automatic updates and urge users to use softwares to delete spywares before installing SP2.

SP2 is a major security update from Microsoft to fight Spywares.

Sorry, you have to go through the pain but I am surprise u didn't have backup of your porn. *Pat*

Re: Let me defend Windows...

HEH =]
A very good reply! =]

Re: Let me defend Windows...

Yeah but some spyware not easily removable even with specific software... So Microsoft is still at fault... Assuming too much of their client base...

Re: Let me defend Windows...

Microsoft is at fault, yet the consumer cannot do anything to them.
Oh well.

Re: Let me defend Windows...

We technically could - switch to Mac... :P But it won't really help because you have to deal with people who use PCs...

haha, i had car problems last week too. and this week computer problems. appear as "logged in" to msn when i'm not. and about 8 GB of photos that i've transferred to CD/DVD can't be read now cos' they weren't burnt properly. like your attitude :)

8 GB!
I'm sure you have it stored in your hard disk right?

unfortunately not. was trying to free up space on hard drive. deleted the files once discs were burnt. strangely, the discs worked initially so i didn't think twice about deleting the files. sigh...

Hey.. Triple Combo and you are not K.O. Thats good.. Hanging in there pal, things will be better.....

"With another solitary episode over, it's time to revert back to the eat-sleep-work-gym-internet-tv-club-movies routine. "

Oh good! Can you add me and Eugene and Fabian in your routine of watching movies and clubbing? Pls?

As for the laptop, at least once u wipe off everything, ur Laptop is clean of virus(hopefully) and all those incessant ads pop-ups!

Yeah I keep this in mind.

And, the pop-ups will come back again, I'm sure.

The auto update is more trouble then its worth..

Good point.

*disables update*

Hang in there buddy!

Eagerly awaiting the return of the 'one-word-reply' into_the_wild ....


You don't have to format your hard disk in order to reinstall. You can reinstall windows by deleting the old windows directory or even specify another directory for a new installation. All other files will be left intact. That's what I normally do when my Windows start acting weird. Anyway, it's a good practice to backup everything periodically to your cdrw or dvdrw. Btw, XP SP2 is working fine for me.

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