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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Doppleganger ::

Oh gosh!

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see seee i knew it was u!!!!!

I've watched it and I'm amazed as well.
Certain angles...

that harold so looks like you lor!

Nice guy as well.

*la la la*

huh, like my idol meh?

not chrisypoo meh?


Told you look better. =j

"and so were born two real American heros!"

shouldn't it be 'heroes'?


and mine should be doppelganger.

Hahaha... john cho is DARN cute. :P And he's 32.

Hmm quite similar heh. (Be thankful you don't look like the guy on the right heh)

He was from American Pie, if you remember :P

Yeah!...hes the token chink who always wanted to get it on with the MILTF!

aei...i never noticed it, but yah..goodness. lol

ehh i was wondering about the similarity when i watched Better Luck Tomorrow.
uhm, White Castle's equally good..albeit with a different slant.

The jokes are not too lame, but some parts reminded me of Stephen Chow... absurd.

The last part about the baggages was rather cute.

Yar supposed ot be very funny! Wanna catch the movie together?

i don't know what this is for until reading all these comments.

is that why you are
like this?

(seems to be in wrong position though)

He looks like you indeed. And I find him cute. But if subsequent versions are upgrades and improvements of the previous ones, I'd say he's version 1.0, you're version 10.0. Upgraded many times :D

what is the version number for andy lau, daniel wu then (though they look different)?

no, i just wonder how goodlooking into-the-wild is when he is compared to them...for i really never feel he is handsome to this extent for the unabating praises (about his outlook)...extent like he is qualified for some Mister Singapore that sort of thing...

hmm. may be he has hidden up all nice photos and just show me 1 lousy one...

Actually I knew it but was just too lazy to change it...

*la la*

wa!!! That's how u look like ah??? I think i resemble Kumar more. :(


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