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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Refocus ::

Sometimes I wonder why I push myself so hard.

The best is yet to be!

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Actually I'm not an ACSian.

But the motto rocks!


yeap, it sure rocks. The best is yet to be, ACS 4ever.. ac unite!!..

"Our hearts, our hopes, our aims r 1, no discord ever will sever.."

gosh, u r fr ACS?? those were the days....in days of yores

Erm I'm a Victorian for six years.

u're from AC too? geez, din know dat.

orh...how misleading...cos i was wondering if i ever say u in skool...hurhur.

Auspicum Melioris Aevi!

We push ourselves hard so we be the best to our abilities for ourselves!

And i have yet to seen the best from you but i know you can be the best!

Imagine us being listless, like a piece of limp lettuce on the kitchen floor.

Some can live with that existence. Not me. You're better off killing me.

And I guess, it is not you too! :D

Just Better Than Before.... ( and you will do just fine )

because you (have to) start your journey alone too early than every one else...

i would prefer

nothing without labour

tsk tsk, VS boy quoting ACS sch motto ever so often!


The Best is Yet to Be is just the optimistic kind of motto that fits. Nil Sine Labore is sensible and down-to-earth but somehow lacks the element of drive.

quote- "the best is yet to be"

honestly, tts being very optimistic. wish i am half like tt. i always feel tt everything gd will hv to end one day and life juz gets darker wif time..though i do love tt quotation fr Robert Browning's

Hmmmm the other quote I used, during the darkest hours in july this year was:

"nothing can kill me if I do not want it to".


Survivalistic, if there's such a word.

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