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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Lunch ::

All the best of basic teo chew cuisine for three, with the exchange of a red note. The sun's shining brightly and while some are taking full advantage of the weather to blade or swim or tan, I'm contented remaining in my small cosy cave to recharge my batteries. Ok ok, a hundred push-ups later. =)

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recharge batteries... pun intended?

good luck in your push ups.

thank you.
push ups are all done, thanks to your prompting.

maybe i'll do more later.

Your new love took this picture? *pun intended too*

1. I took it myself

2. K700i's resolution not as good as this Optio S4.

Come join us when you're free. It's been a while...

We've seen all lately, all in separate settings.

@ The WWE fan, usually at Planet.
@ The tanned doctor, usually at Planet or Jiak Kim.
@ The super tennis *and squash* player, dinner and once at Jiak Kim.
@ The last one, erm, just last night.

Mai gou tu liao!

no copyright wat!

*sticks tongue out*

don't stick anything out. it's obscene.

is that you in the spoon?

I'm seriously impressed.
You've got a penchant for observing the finest details. Great potential as a sleuth. Or a photographer.

cai xin.



tie __. (spoon)

liang ge __ __. (plastic spoon)

hong mian zhuo zi.

*zai jian*

no pictures of dinner? :)

did u purposely blur out the metal spoon on the pic...:P

I thought it was your K700i camera leh! Then read it's the Optio...


Erm it's a VGA camera leh!

Oh I thought it was a 1 megapixel camera? No ah?

somehow the vege in the pix dun look as yummy as the actual one...


why is everyone more focussed on what camera it is rather than what vegetable that is? or how it tasted.... or... why is it so un-green....?

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