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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Music Milestones ::

While sorting out temanbaik's VA Top 50: Week 31 of 2004, I chanced upon Milk&Sugar's Let the Sun Shine.
Another milestone song. It's fascinating how some songs mark specific points in our life's journey.

Let me recollect...

In the beginning - The Seeker's I'll Never Find Another You -- "There's a new world somewhere they call The Promised Land"

September 1992 - Frentel's Bizzare Love Triangle -- The Encounter at Holland Village

October 1992 - Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories's Stay -- The Beginning of the Journey

August 1994 - temanbaik's Top of the World -- Across the Chasm

May 1996 - Nakabuchi Tsuyoshi's Natsu Matsuri -- First Karaoke Song

August 1999 - Peruvian's El Condor Pasa -- Machu Picchu

February 2000 - Britney Spear's Sometimes -- Go To Akio

April 2001 - N Sync's This I Promise You -- With the Dog

June 2003 - Junior Jack's E Samba -- Trips in London

July 2003 - Salif Keita's Madan -- Post London

July 2004 - Who Da Funk feat. Jessica Eve's Shiny Disco Balls -- KL Trip

August 2004 - Milk&Sugar's Let the Sun Shine -- National Day Celebrations


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Drugs Rock n Roll Badd ass Vega Whores Late Night Booty Calls
Shiny Disco Balls

that song reminds me of somebody...always!..

all thanks to who who who!?!?!?!

who who who hu hu ah ah ah...

*la la la*

cowie had a similar post too. I always wanted to write a post like this, songs that remind me of certain things and people.

omg u remembered? that was like two years ago...

u've got a secret admirer.... stalker...

Songs reminds me of a lot of stuff, and it is brilliant to note them down.

Sometimes I hear a song, and when the memories flood back, you'll wonder why you've forgotten that piece of music :D


yeah sometimes when i hear a sound i feel transported back to that time and place, even the smells comes flooding back

suddenly i think of durians.

wonder why.


That song by Ms Spears really brought tingle to my heart- reminding me of those days spent alone in Dieppe Barracks doing confinement back then. How time flies...

she so lucky... she's a star...

But she cry, cry, cries in her lonely heart, thinking
If there's nothing missing in my life
Then why do these tears come at night


looks like droolin than cryin woh...


drooling is like that. =D~~~~~~

you know i like this song as well. and littleprince got the portion right.


*Gasp* you visited machu picchu?


And climbed up Huyana Picchua as well.

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