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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Reflections past one ::

I am moved easily by beautiful pictures.
Actually I initially wrote "I am easily moved... " but changed it into "I am moved easily..."
Wonder why.

I was lj-surfing when I chanced upon agooddaytolive's latest (discontented?) post of his "dreams and joys" being in his hands.
Brilliant pictures.
I am impressed.
(I wanna sign up as a model too! *embarassed*)

I take a deep breath.
I feel subdued.

The calls to the SF resumed. Nothing changed.
Perhaps some things changed, but like what I remarked, while surface issues are in a constant flux (and people get happy sad angry mad crazy jealous grateful disappointed depressed and et cetera) the inner core of each individual, tempered from years of learned experience remains unaffected by the effects of the daily interactions.

I take a deep breath.
For a while, I feel at peace with myself, even though I recognise the daily struggles and conflicts between loving one's outer self, one's inner self as well as the selves of others. How much pain and trouble can it be, by waiting a minute or an hour more?
Or to take a minute or two to clear the laundry, or to sweep away the fallen bamboo leaves?

Nevertheless, sometimes it is about relenting.
It's about withholding, not taking that extra step.
It's about keeping mum and in the process, setting the butterflies free.
It's about enforcing that cold turkey, so that the addicted will be released from their pointless addiction.
It's about refraining from joining the loved company so that one remembers where one's line is.

It's about control?

It's been a while since I read a good book.
I would love to read a good book.
I would love to be inspired, by the beautiful pictures of awei, f_o_c and http://www.josonphoto.com.
I would love to be stirred by the vocals of Corrine May.
I would love to be embraced by the innocent minds.
I would love to be lifted, and to soar up in the expanse of the night, and with the lift of the gentle breeze overlook the city deep in sleep.

Sometimes, I really don't mind following.

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"I would love to be lifted, and to soar up in the
expanse of the night, and with the lift of the gentle
breeze overlook the city deep in sleep."

...reverse bungee jump at clarke quay, anyone? after powering up at 1-4-1 at jiak kim of course ;P

... start a merlion-in-the-air frenzy?

*la la la*

Life is indeed beautiful if you do not expect too much out of it.

sit back, relax, and remember every moment in your movie that slowly unfolds.

Without control, we won't be able to appreciate our life experiences. If I don't know the strain of running uphill, I won't know the hilarity of speeding downhill.

Let's get all of our friends to train up and be models for an f_o_c calendar! hahaha. Wait, but then again, I would want him to be in the calendar too.

As for the book, I recommend The Alchemist. I can lend it to you, think you will like it.

Re: A good day to smile :D

Hey that's a great idea!
We've got 4 months!

Re: A good day to smile :D

'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho, good read. I was reading it at a cafe years back when this California couple walked up to me and complimented the book.

Try 'Veronika Decides To Die' by the same author. It's about choice.

Re: A good day to smile :D

The Alchemist.... hmmm is it non-fiction?

Re: A good day to smile :D

The author uses the story of a boy's journey to illustrate the importance of dreams and aspiration.

wah....vellie soft porn... :P

I love your thoughts...every bit of it...
It inspires, it tingles it leaves some kinda sweet stench...

sweet stench?

hmmm... do i smell an oxymoron?

ahahahahahah... i smell... your thoughts...


Inspiration helps me to take more pictures too.

Thanks for the compliment ya.

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