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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Recollection. End July ::

Zouk KL, with Petronas Towers looming in the background


Like the blurred surroundings from a swirling merry-go-round
The memories, released, fade into the background
Grassland.. Steamed Peanuts.. Grand Maya.. Hip Hop @ Zouk..
KLCC.. Jalan Alor.. Eeky Cockles.. Bangsar.. Fluid.. Pyramid..
Dawn.. Yawn..
with a twist of

Scattered Images beckons the flood of memories. Hop Skip One Two Three...

Memories are made of these


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cockles are not eeky!! they are very YUMMY!!

no cockles here =(

got!!! ask from the cow... he got one there.


erm... do you mean the CB????

rude leh u!!! it's nice and clean ok?!?!

*lick lick*

where's the toothpick and the chilli!!!

cockles! cockles! cockles!

eeks.. cockles are gross..

oh no!! different taste buds!!

is that あの子供 i see somewhere?

very keen eyed!

*impressed as usual*

Did not take any picture during my trip. Maybe can share some with me. :P

Wasn't allowed the opportunity ta bug ya guys.
Maybe another time.

I where got dao!!!!

cool. but i dun think i would dare to eat the cockles in msia

very nice! Love the Petronas towers in background of ZOuk...

And i never like eating cockles.... eeeee......

This trip, I didn't take a single picture! Maybe it's that inconvenience of lugging my Digital Cam along that's getting to me. Hmmm...time to get a phone with a cam. Oh K700i.....

Just bought the K700i; misplaced my XDA2.

*feeling broke*

i was thinking of buying this. any comments on this phone? izzit good?

CNET ASIA's review: 8.5 out of a possible 10.
Editor's choice.


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