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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Dreams are what you wake up from ::

Last night I had a dream.
I dreamt that I parked my car in the compound of this large institution.
I cannot really remember what I did in the institution, but when everything ended and I went to look for my car, I could not find it anymore.
All I saw was endless rows of cars.
My car alarm failed to work despite my repeated attempts to press it.
One by one, the cars drove away, yet I could not find my car.
I felt helpless; as if I was stuck at that moment, in that scenario.
The journey ended.

Lately I have been having the strangest dreams.
Dreams of a thousand flowers sprouting from the ground.
They reminded me of a dream I had when I was seriously ill; I dreamt that I was walking in this maze etched onto the floor -- white lines on black marble.
Basically there was no way out.
And I kept walking and walking, trying my best to find the exit.
There was no end to it.
There was another occasion where I dreamt that I was dreaming.
When the dream ended, I was still dreaming.
The sense of helplessness prevails.

I've been vacilliating between the yins and the yangs.
It is never an easy task to draw the line between the black and white (and the shades of gray).
Or to stand untoppled on the balance.
But it must be done.
To me, only when one achieves the art of pivoting that one remains spinning;
spinning to gain stability yet mobile and remaining in fine balance.


Surely I cannot do this alone.
I look around.
How do I discern the grain from the chaff?

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my take

lost(as a verb)
lost(as an adjective)
despite whats clear, alls masked by the inability to decide.


Someone just mentioned to me "excess baggage".



emm..... maybe u might need a compas

take care. maybe stop worrying about worries?

Tao (Dao de jing, chapter 13)

The saints said: "Praise and blame cause anxiety;
The objects of hope and fear are within your Self."

"Praise and blame cause anxiety"
For you must hope and fear to receive or to lose them.

"The objects of hope and fear are within your Self"
For, without Self, neither fortune nor disaster can befall.

You're right in this sense.


it's easy to say but difficult to follow. I need to tell that to myself too.



Without strife induced by self-awareness then there will never be change... ?


放松点吧,别太为难自己。Don't be too demanding on yourself and you may find the answers you need.

Sometimes I must think that your particular journey must be much more difficult for you, given your attiributes. The expectations of others, the expectation of perfectionism from others and the attention others are so eager to give to you and received from you and the looks others give to you... must feel like having to carry Mount Everest on your backs.

The answer lies within the dreams you make... sleep earlier! :p

*steals alarm clock* when the journeyman enters deep slumber. *pats*

The world is chaos.

As so many other replies have succintly put it, only the self can be the true pivoting point of your own existence.

A: You are never alone and yet, ironically, You are
B: There is no thing such as chaff or grain, nor is there gold or dross. You decide what falls into these categories based on what you value at that time and that will be right for you. No one can say it is wrong for it is your reality and life that you live and only you are accountable to yourself. From moment to moment, items may be recategorized and that is alright, for that is change and evolution. At the end of it all, it is well. It depends on whether you choose to see it as so.

How apt! You sound just like me.


We are all One...

cheesy as it might sound


Well, national day's approaching.

(no puns intended)

Why are you never online on ICQ or MSN to chat one ah?

1. I have no MSN. Should I start one?
2. I am sometimes invisible on my ICQ.

la la la.

me wish me could dream...

now sleeping time passes me at a flash, especially the little hours i sleep... :(

Run a little faster to catch more rest!


When visions start to multiply and thought magnified
Perhaps it's time to close your eyes and look beyond matters
When resumed perhaps life would be simpler again...

We're always with you.

The faults of others can be easily seen, but one's own is difficult to see. One winnows others' faults like chaff, but hides one's own as a crafty fowler covers himself.

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