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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Relationships ::

Is there such as thing as too much love?
Should love ever be inhibiting?
How can one destroy the seeds of love that sprout and flourish?

As weeds?


Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You

I'm just the pieces of the man I used to be
Too many bitter tears are raining down on me
I'm far away from home
And I've been facing this alone
For much too long
I feel like no-one ever told the truth to me
About growing up and what a struggle it would be
In my tangled state of mind
I've been looking back to find
Where I went wrong

Too much love will kill you
If you can't make up your mind
Torn between the lover
And the love you leave behind
You're headed for disaster
'cos you never read the signs
Too much love will kill you
Every time

I'm just the shadow of the man I used to be
And it seems like there's no way out of this for me
I used to bring you sunshine
Now all I ever do is bring you down
How would it be if you were standing in my shoes
Can't you see that it's impossible to choose
No there's no making sense of it
Every way I go I'm bound to lose

Too much love will kill you
Just as sure as none at all
It'll drain the power that's in you
Make you plead and scream and crawl
And the pain will make you crazy
You're the victim of your crime
Too much love will kill you
Every time

Too much love will kill you
It'll make your life a lie
Yes, too much love will kill you
And you won't understand why
You'd give your life, you'd sell your soul
But here it comes again
Too much love will kill you
In the end...
In the end

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i dun blif tt luv should be inhibiting and there is no such thing as loving some1 too much, but not obsessively

Hi, Was it you i did see at MOX on sat night? U were talking to my fren Ralph, the "Ang moh" when we were climbing down Mox's stairs??

Think you got the wrong person, dudey.

OKay well, nvr mind then. Hey! when are we doing another outing?? Either it be movie or just going Zouk???

too much love shall shake your world and rock you to slumber...
too much lust will make you cruel and flock your anger...

Too much love will kill you

Unlike with judgement and regret.

I believe Brian May of Queen actually released this as his solo effort in 1992 first. Never heard Queen's version. His version is hauntingly good though.

Yeah I'm searching for that version right now.

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