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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Missing Stanza ::

我的小时候 吵闹任性的时候 我的外婆 总会唱歌哄我
夏天的午后 老老的歌安慰我 那首歌好像这样唱的
天黑黑 欲下雨
天黑黑 黑黑

离开小时候 有了自己的生活 新鲜的歌 新鲜的念头 任性和冲动
无法控制的时候 我忘记 还有这样的歌
天黑黑 欲下雨
天黑黑 黑黑

我以为 这就是我所追求的世界
然而横冲直撞 被误解被骗 是否成人的世界背后 总有残缺
我走在 每天必须面对的分岔路 我怀念 过去单纯美好的小幸福
爱总是让人哭让人觉得不满足 天空好大却看不清楚 好孤独......

天黑的时候 我又想起那首歌 突然期待
下雨安静的雨 原来外婆的道理早就唱给我听
下起雨 也要勇敢前进

我相信 一切都会平静
我现在 好想回家去
天黑黑 欲下雨

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i cant really understand fully what youre saying but anyways, hope you're alright. take care.

Hey thanks Pal *gives a hi-five*
I'm totally alright. It was just that I was talking about the lyrics of this beautiful song with some friends. Interestingly, it is the only chinese song that I've learnt to sing. *doh*

Poignant lyrics.

That's surprising also the first song i've learnt to sing in chinese.

Very poignant.
我的小时候 吵闹任性的时候 我的外婆 总会唱歌哄我
夏天的午后 老老的歌安慰我 那首歌好像这样唱的
天黑黑 欲下雨
天黑黑 黑黑

The外婆 bit is very poignant to me.

um what song is this?

a lot going on in your mind....
Do take care dudey

Thanks dudey.
I'm totally O-K-A-Y. It must be my writing style that brings out the brooding sadness that everyone detects.

I've been talking to someone recently about dealing with loneliness. I used the imagery of standing in the pouring rain. While others run for cover, standing drenched in the rain may not necessarily be something dreaded. There is inner peace in embracing the rain; to let the raindrops wash away the turmoil and all that.

下起雨 也要勇敢前进
我相信 一切都会平静

The journey continues to unfold.

Suddenly there is just the stillness and the silence.
There is no noise.
Everything pauses for that moment and there is peace.
You inhale; you exhale.
Then life plays on again.
You look around;
you smile.
And you carry on walking.

and hence this entry.

there is only peace when we die.

Re: .... (Hence this entry)

Will Willow Tree :)


Willow stands for Justice and Integrity. It's flexibility allows it
to adapt to any situation, so you should also be flexible today, and
adapt to any changes that come your way.

Willow represents the smooth flow of emotions and thoughts.

Willow says not to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, make needed
adjustments in attitude, shift focus to what really matters, and let
things flow through you rather than attach to you.

Envision the Willow tree, the way its branches flow gracefully with
the breeze. Be like the willow branches and bend and sway with the
shifts of the day.

Positive flow of emotiions leads to inner peace and higher awareness.

(Deleted comment)
Then "I'll follow the sun"

"One day you'll look to see I've gone.
For tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun.
Some day you'll know I was the one.
But tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun."

A heart cannot fly when it does not have wings.
A heart cannot fly when it bleeds.
It is crippled.
It is heavy.
It is transient.
Your mind is as evil as the the thorns on a rose.
It goes to places your heart cannot reach.
It gives you kisses you cannot have.
It sees things you cannot see unless your eyes are closed.
Where does your soul play a part in all this?
It plays the little part of being.

Being you.

"Rain Rain go away..." was pretty much a celebrated song during our childhood. As we grow up and our thoughts magnified, we see more within lines; we find tears within smiles. Thus, let us be reminded that the simplest thoughts constructed in the mind has the purest intentions. Childlike faith...

A meaningful song

Endless Road

The truth is tearing up my heart
I can't recognize this place
The endless road without a stop sign
Can't even find a stranger this time
Why am i still holding back my tears
In this loneliness there's nothing to fear
Every chord still seems a wonder
How we could be together
Every time i ask if this would be the last
Why am i still talking to myself
Hoping you will have the keys to my cell
Every song might calm the weather but it just draws me deeper
How do i get out of this I think i never will
A crystal forming in the eye Maybe this would be the last
The winding pathdown my face
Till i begin to taste the bitternessinside

Nice seeing you guys again, even though coincidentally.

"下起雨 也要勇敢前进"
Actually, I love this song.
Some of her other songs are pretty well written... :)

I think that's one of the most beautiful songs written in recent years... its one of those songs that run in my head recursively ever so often.


Hey, loneliness can be dispelled by many things. Depression can be dealt with and sadness can be cast away. Just need to feel the love from your family and friends..... and we all love you k.

Back in sg for a few years and only learn to sing ONE chinese song? *shakes head* Seriously speaking, music is a sort of refuge for me sometimes. I cannot write well but there are many songs that expresses my feelings well. Most of the time, I find chinese lyrics to be more poetic and poignant in expression compared to english lyrics. Time to listen to more 93.3, heh?

Nay. But me a mandarin CD and I might consider.
I like Jay Chou and Stephanie Sun though.

And I had the privilege to listen to you sing :D

*runs and hides in the wardrobe*

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