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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: the flu bug got me! ::

I think I must have caught the flu after that sambal chicken rice on saturday evening.
After trying to get adequate rest to recover from my flu bug, it got me nonetheless.
In fact, it got worse and the headache was excruciatingly irritating.
Sleeping it off initiatially helped but eventually got the temperature rising.
I reckoned that it'd be better to break out a sweat; went for a light gym session.
Now the headache's gone, but my nose's still running a marathon.

I hate marathons.

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Tsk tsk! Been workin' and partying too hard you have. Better drink like a fish and have loads of rest. You're no use sick!


Yuppers! I just drank like a fish!
The marathon goes on, but I feel better already!


You'll be fine in no time.
sleep early and lots!

Thanks Jumper.

Drink more water, take more sleep, blah blah blah...the best thing is to...have more sunlight in the morning. Put on a mask for now...air's dirty. By the time u recover, you should be catching up with breathing disorders soon...dont worry, then again we have other solutions like smelly socks....

The air in the west always reminds of the smelly socks, until someone told me that the stench came from a chocolate factory....

according to the distance, it is a 100m event (or 60m), but got many heats, hahaha...

but yours got 2 lanes only *hahaha...*

Understood what you meant after I read your post.

Awwww.... poor thing! I feel like going over your house right now and nurse you back to health. :-) Take care dude, we still got Spiderman 2 movie to watch together ya!

Are we watching it together?

*runs away*

yikes, some hot mint tea could be useful.... twist of lemon... ?

take care pal!

No one to make for me.


(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
Doomo Doomo.
Tore-ningu wa doudatta?

Gym + Partying + Drinking Heavily

All that equals no no and no wonder your flu ain't getting that better.


You should know better.

Re: Gym + Partying + Drinking Heavily

I sense a nagger....

Nagger Alert!

*hides under table*

Hey... hope u get better soon! Rest well :)

::gives monkey medicine::

Do Take Care, Dudey :)

Yes, Mr Of-little-words.


You too, Mr Discus Thrower!

Urban Legend: Warm coke or rather coke cooked with lemon. Heard it helps. Let me know if it work. ;)

Diet coke with a twist of lemon... can?

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