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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: for safety's sake, nothing else ::

Jabra 258 Bluetooth Headset

Having enough of holding the phone while driving, I finally
decided to make an investment in a bluetooth headset.
Here's to better phone conversations while driving!

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definitely safer and more convenient :)

I find this oddly sexy...

Yes, definitely easier and more convenient... you can talk while doing some naughty stuff with a guy beneath you too ;-) Or rather, while some cute guy is doing something beneath you!

So with a blue tooth, one can have the pleasures on mobile fun.... what about the intentions of safe driving?

Of course.
*points to heading*

and not get any exercise holding that phone of yours to your ear?

erm, i get enough exercise from elsewhere, thank you.


where else?
oh, you mean holding the steering wheel with both hands?

Oh I drive a manual car...

*la la*

oh. so it must be a really stiff gearstick to produce such strong arms.

You mean u've been driving with that slab plastered to ur face?!

Darn i should've copied down ur license plate num so i can run away when i see ur car approaching...

just in case.


Actually I'm thinking of getting one too. I can pair it with my laptop and for vid/audio conferencing

the roads are now 50% less dangerous...

tiredness is one of the top road killers...

and airbags are a good thing...

The Jabra is a pretty good performer, according to my friends who use it...

Nice userpic - where's it from?

The um... Umbrella-ish one. Nice...

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