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wildangel_83's thoughts
The Spot
A line is made out of a group of spots
All aligned to present the thought
Each significant spot
Bares a vital role in getting the ideas caught

Life is based on line of thoughts
Just like the group of spots
When one is taken out of the pot
It breaks into a mess with fault

But when one takes the broken line
And tries to make it truly defined
Perhaps a broken spot wouldn't mind
For leakages and breaking bares beauties inclined

Now living a change, this life of mine
The missing spot I thought I'd find
Thus broken and tempered I see my line
I'd take a brave step and look not behind

-written with an interlacing feeling of lost, happiness, craving and smile-

My Retort:

When one is taken out of the pot
The line continues without the dot
for life's line is drawn from a visionary pen
that joins the line, from end to end.

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