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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: beautiful sunset - mindless ramblings of the journeyer ::

I saw the most beautiful sunset while I was driving along Benjamin Sheares Bridge; t'was a fusion of blue and orange hues. I rushed to position my phone-cam on the sight while keeping my eyes on the steering wheel, but missed the attempt to capture it down. Oh well, perhaps it was meant only to remain remembered.

It helped that I was playing Corrine May's 'Fly Away' (again); it's definitely a mood-enhancer.

T'was on my way home for a lonely dinner, from a long and sleepless week of work, only to be cajoled by f_o_c for a night at Paulaner. All I had was my singlet, berms and slippers, and I was feeling really worn out. Not to mention embarassed, when everyone at Paulaner were in ties and long-sleeved shirts and dresses and smart casual. Nevertheless f_o_c made me feel at home and I was actually enjoying myself. Thanks temanbaik and thatkodomo for surrounding me from shame, and of course Debbie for the associated invitation.

Spent about an hour savouring free drafts and german sausages and left at nine. The notes hit me again on my journey home. Well something’s lost, but something’s gained in living ev’ry day. Work can be really really shitty, but nothing can destroy me if I do not allow it to.


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Way To Go!!!!
Much Admiration from my side .... :)

Thanks dudey. I always remember. Always.


i think with that last words i too shall take heed...


will say hi to ah meng (the one at mandai, la!) for you! :)

Re: moo...meow...arf...hoot


Re: moo...meow...arf...hoot

He's not going?! CANNOT!

on another note... even this injured grouchy bitch is feeling happy tonight.

because he's going to bed.
because he has friends.
because work is just something we do.
because colleagues can't break us.
because we're above them all :D

I agree with you. The right attitude/mindset can really do a lot! And nothing can bring you down. Well, at least not for a long time. :)

u saw the sunset too?? It was one of the nicest sunset i every since before too...
Dunno when will i see it again....

lucky you..i was working when the sun set..hahah!

Some suns come up and make the day.
Some suns come up and people laugh, people play.
Some suns come up and ambered super-egos make watered down prayers.


Some suns set and the water abides by it.
Some suns set and manifests life's dimly lits.
Some suns set and brings all life with it.


we start again.

Oh yeah! Paulaner's sausages are nice... but i still prefer Marche's sausages.... as well as those sausages found on guys ;-) Hee hee!

Awww! Take it easy!
BIG HUGS ok! Just think of the money!
(Pay Day is coming!!)

*takes it easy*

Too easy leh.

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