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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: memory bank ::

Spent the evening rummaging through my collection of the items gathered from the past, and here's a sampling of what I found:

Japanese porn magazine: Karenji Tsuushin, from Sogabe-san
Campbell's Condensed Alphabet Soup - Special MacDonald's Edition; expired 07/12/97
Harry's Ashes
Ken Doll from C & A
Birthday Portrait from CG
Solid metal traditional wind chime from Sendai, from Watanabe Takahiro
02 x Car licence plates: Nevada & Arizona, collected during month-long drive round the four states with M

More to the memory bank.
Scary how there's more to recollect as we grow older.
Pages after pages of memories: journal entries, letters, postcards, trinkets; and that birthday gift,
forgotten, chucked away.
Photos of laughing friends, past and present.
Haunting melodies that trigger a flashback that floods the heart heavy.
If dreams are what keep the young alive.
Then memories will urge the old to live.

if dreams have led me to this shore
and kept me living, wanting more
then time will come for me one day
to discard the memories and go away
seeking nirvana within me
as i slowly drift

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ken doll and straight porn?
weird combi....

wonders if campbell tins explode over time like coke cans do...

*ducks for cover*

Ken doll?!



Life illusions I recall... I really don't know life, at all.

And we live more everyday.

and I was just listening to Joni Mitchell sing this.
very feeling feeling.

who is harry?
and how come u have a ken doll?!

Harry is the late jack russell.
And Ken's a gift.

when did u ever have a ken doll...


eh brother, it's time your grow up! Ken dolls are for kids.

Ok lah, promise to get u a billy doll next time.


You need to secure the urn, it looks to be easy to open!

It's sealed with lotsa muskin tape!

My natural instincts drew me to the porn , ken , and your potraits.

I'm not sure if you did look like that, but it certainly feels very different from the way you look ... perhaps more magical and timeless? (or aka charming and Jap like)

WOnder what goes into the porn though...

What's up with that very depressing icon?

personally, i think its scary.

humans have a tendency to rummage their stuff when they feels inadequate about the present situation, or they miss a part of the memories.

I dig out my stuff all the time too. I'm just as bad.

Actually I was digging out my past trophies and plaques... for some reason.
Oh well...

*la la la*

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