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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Oooo... Sore from training is good! :P Its when you gym and cant feel the soreness, that gets to me.

So what exercises do you do for that eh?

Side crunches and the unsuspecting killer, weighted side bends.


Now that's a new one! Weighted side bends? *puzzled*

Got to look up that one... In anycase, I better concentrate on my other more needy body parts that's taking too long to grow. *growls*

In the world did you get that sore?
You tied tires on your waist?


Or was it a gym thing?

Please give charity aid to my love handles, they need much mental input.

right side is more dangerous.

error with your diagram leh, the red line should be pointing lower...

Soreness versus Great Body

Yours will be more than mine will ever be.


Thanks, but I need a massage....

Ho Ho Ho be careful what u wish for, i'm sure there r tonnes of pple out there who're more than willing to give u a massage

did you get that from gymming or...?

Theres a price for everything in life.
Take care.. for the best is yet to be..;)

I want to ask this for so long...

is the little cross in the circle in the middle the 肚臍?


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