May 12th, 2021


Going Plant-Based

I never really thought I would go on a plant-based diet. I have a few friends who are vegetarian. When I met them for a meal, I was usually happy to choose a vegetarian food venue, or opt for a neutral setting, where there were enough plant-based options. Definitely not a steakhouse nor a churrascaria (!) I did enjoy eating meat and having a great wagyu steak. And I did muse to myself that it was so difficult to be vegetarian that I would never attempt to do that. 

So what made me turn plant-based? 

I believe there were several reasons.


Over the years, I have read enough literature extolling the benefits of going plant-based. As such a diet is low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free, rich in fiber and full of antioxidants, they help to lower the risks of heart diseases and hypertension, amongst others. 

One interesting study I read was how a plant-based diet could help reduce diabetes risk by a whopping 23%. In terms of cancer, the phytochemicals from plants and vegetables can help lower cancer rates. 

After my annual health check in February, I realised that my LDL cholesterol crept up a little. It's above the optimal level but lower than what I would term the "danger zone". Nevertheless, this was one of the impetus to get me to eat more healthily.

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