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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

'The Gods are jealous of us
For we are mortals"

The moment is now
For now has turned into history
The moment this has been written.
For a moment, everything seemed so fragile, so fleeting
Yet nothing really matters
For everything passes over.

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I saw that skyline today, same colour scheme.
Only thing is the foreground was singaporean city buildings
and I went:
"somebody, PLEASE take this"
The beauty of the heat that comes to a close in a hectic city.

For that moment.
And now it exists only in your memory.

Time for bed.

*breathes deep*

Re: For your info

*empties vacuum cleaner bag in your face*

The future is now
For now is the seed of history
The moment I have written
In a moment, fragments pull together, endless orbits
Yet nothing really matters
For everything passes.

Every moment is brighter, more beautiful,
because we are doomed.

Life is a terminal disease ... its the only one with a 100% casualty rate eh. hehe

Oh excuse me,
but I don't live morbidness. =P


Quick, do the last thing you will ever wanna do in your life now!


It's only with an end that life gets its value.

Good show, eh?

I can not agree more :D

We watch a movie for the ending too.

Hmmm...then cinema tickets would display the show end time, and we'll go in 5 mintues before then?

hahaha, I mean you sit through a movie just to see where it gets to then.

if you jump straight to the end, you might miss out the good bits. Correction, you WILL miss out. :D

the journey is sometimes more important, if not as important, than the ending.

No lah, its only in the end that it can valued.
In the mean time, live by the simple code...
"Honor your gods, love your woman, and defend your country"

Excellent! One of my all time favourites already.

Channeling Madonna 101?

Wah...so profound! But very true. We only ever have the now because we can only ever perceive the one moment we're in at the present moment. After that, each subsequent moment can be filled with the next experiential event or reminscing about the past moment. In that way, we can keep the past alive, but it shall never come to pass again...unless of course it's a lesson that needs to be learnt, again?


Sorry...a bit vexed from being accused of only having PhD holders as friends.

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