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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Remember the time when the few of us went to Changi.
We wrote our dreams onto slips of paper, put them into a bottle
and threw it into the sea?


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wow... you did that? so beautiful.
those were the days..
So did the dreams come true?

Somehow, the song 'both sides now' brings to mind.

Thanks for the opportunity given to appreciate a different version.

reminds me of a movie..玻璃尊...hehee

I'm not sure myself either.
It wasn't just something for me.

I think I just kinda dropped my lens cap and it rolled into the sea...



But i've not been back to watch the stars rise again.

I recall the sounds of the planes taking off the runway....

yeah. beginnings of many a journey ;)

A time to celebrate?


Time for an upgraded dream?


I'll never know.


got fined by ministry of environment for littering...


someone very free.

When you do that...you wonder where it ends up. It's just like making a wish when you blow out a candle or when you see a shooting star. Like a prayer, where does it go? Who listens and hears? And do you end up fulfilling those dreams? And when you do achieve that dream and/or wish, do you remember, that once upon a time, you sent that message/dream out?

Re: Message in a bottle

Nice way of looking at it.
But sadly, looking at the tide, it probably got washed up at Changi Beach. It'd be nice if it really drift somewhere far far away and was found eons later, on the other side of the globe.

Re: Message in a bottle

One can hope and dream and make another wish, can't one? And who's to say that it won't happen? Statistically, it's infinitisemally impossible, but what happens if the bottle suddenly got sucked in as ballast water in a ship and then ended up on the other side of the globe?

I used to play a role playing game called Mage: The Ascension a long time ago and the premise of using a mage's awakened state of enlightenment to alter reality, in a world's paradigm that says magic is impossible, was to simply alter the balance of statistical probability in favour of the desired outcome.

This is the foundation of faith and an intrinsic belief that if one focussed one's entire consciousness to an aim, that outcome would come to pass. This is universal in all of the world's various mystery school teachings, just simply using different foci to channel the will.

So make a wish and bless the outcome as having come to pass, and you'll be surprised at what you experience.

hey there! you write really well! and take great pics! Keep up the gd work:)

i think i did something like that eons ago...

i wish, i hope, but i didnt live... :|

Memories are made of these.

unfair!! u get to do all the romantic stuffs in the world!!!

just dropped in to say hello..

It's been a while, mate.

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