October 1st, 2014


:: A Most Unusual Dream ::

:: A Most Unusual Dream ::

I had the most unusual dream a few nights back.
As with most dreams, there wasn't a definite start nor a
Definite end to the dream. I was in this rented apartment with
My family. However, in this particular dream, the composition of my family
Was totally different from reality - they consisted of unknown members.
In any case, I was at the entrance of the gated compound, trying to locate my
Way to the apartment. The condominium consisted of several towering buildings,
Arranged in the configuration of the letter "H". Between each stack, there were
Landscaping juxtaposed with various ponds and pools. This made navigation between
Each block very difficult. In any case, I managed to find my way to the right block,
And via the elevator I headed up to the rented apartment.

The apartment was furnished like how a serviced apartment would be furnished.
One by one, the family members got back to the apartment. We were famished,
And searched the cupboards and the fridge for food. However, what I saw were
Plastic replicas of food, typically what could be found in the food display in a
Traditional Japanese restaurant? We decided to head out to look for food, but
In the process of doing so, a family member accidently knocked over a vase
That was perched precariously over a stand with four narrow legs.

The eating place that we headed to was sited tangentially to a small school.
It was a strange scene; the school was very dilapidated, and almost too small to be a
Proper school. From my perspective, the right half of the school was missing.
It could have been demolished, or crumbled. In front of the school was a swing.

And then we are in the eating place. It felt like a pizzeria. At this point,
My dream took a complete turn. My family and I became part of this reality TV show.
Specifically, a crime reality TV show. Well, everyone at the pizzeria were actors,
Pretending to be patrons of the restaurant, as well as servers, cashiers, cooks, etc.
We were supposed to proceed with our pizza dinner like any other patrons, but
In anticipation of the approach of a high-profile criminal gang.

The gang members eventually arrived. I, together with my family, then
Tried to take the gang down while the rest of the actors continued to play their part.
The last scene I recalled was a terrible mess of pizzas and sauces strewn all over the
Eatery. It was a bloodless scene, and felt more like a humorous scene
Than one of fear and trepidation.