November 8th, 2013


:: Free Writing - Part 1 ::

:: Free Writing - Part 1 ::

So I started reading about divergent thinking as part of the marketing course from Wharton
and then as usual one thing leads to another so it brought me to this topic
on mindmap as well as on stream of consciousness, and then to free writing.
Free writing is a prewriting technique where a person writes continuously
for a set period of time without thinking too much about spelling grammar
or the sentence structure, nor the topic. Basically free-form writing,
and what it does is to produce raw and often usable material
(yes I am lifting part of this from wikipedia) but helps writers overcome blocks
of apathy (self inflicted?) and self-criticism (esteem issues?)
And I thought HEY this is fantastic I will have to try this one out,
especially when this reminded me a lot about the period of time
in my varsity days when I would (especially during boring lectures)
write on and on, about everything and anything, without too much of a concern
about the syntax or grammar, and those things.

The first thing that came to mind is that I had an interesting dream last night,
where I was in a classroom, and probably attending an arts class.
The art teacher was teaching how to paint by deploying the right paints strokes,
and according to him one has to paint in a "broad brush" fashion,
rather than in tiny movements. I tried to copy what he taught,
only to realise that I was using the wrong paint brush.
The paint brush I used would never allow me to paint the blue skies,
for example, and it made me realise that sometimes we have to use the
right tool for the right situation in order to get the right effect.

For some reason I feel rather small in the polo tee that I am wearing now;
it is either I have lost some mass or the shirt has expanded.
The sleeves are looking puffy, and I look like one of those characters
from Shakespeare with puffy-looking sleeves or shoulder pads or something like that.
Tigger is finally one year old, and does that mean he is no longer a kitten?
After feeding him his wet food this morning, he was obviously
hungry so I added some kibbles, and he ate it all up within the minute.
It is time to add more food for his diet, or is he just being greedy?
I am lost with this one.

I will be meeting Alvin later to discuss with him and his wife-to-be
about the wedding arrangements, I would probably be his emcee for his wedding,
but I lack a script. I wonder if I would need to generate the script
for him or maybe there's a template from the internet?
Let me try to check this now.
And I can't remember his wife's name.