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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Pictorial Updates ::

Zircon Govt Pawn Stars.
Their music is erm but my support goes with them.

Anniversary Dinner at Chikuyotei.
The same chef's no longer there.

Fascinating Sunset that lasts that moment.

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The fish looks abit off colour.

Hurray... finally, this is one of the very very raw moments in your journal history where you don't have tons and tons of your fans trying to curry flavor with your, polish your apples (or pecs or abs!!) and smell your gas discharge!!

That's a good one ... hi-5

*raises both hands!!!! .... and legs!!!!!*

Arrrghhhh!... opinionated commenters!

*runs away*

those people in the first pic look like they are singing nakid.

Woo.. i like this particular song by Zircon Govt Pawn Stars..
"Nag nag nag nag...." did they perform it?
I thought they were quite good..
I *salute* you for supporting local!

me just a passerby.. hope u dun mind me dropping a comment

yup they performed "nag nag nag". they also did a rendition of futon's "i wanna be your dog". personally i am very surprised to find it so packed in zouk for their performance.

I like their catching 'FCUK'.

*deliberately mispells for fear of reprimand*

i donno about you but f16skyhawk and myself were yelling fcuk away at the staircase hahahhaha ... so fun, like college orientation!

you guys should have stayed for the DJ. tho he wasn't a well-known name (in fact, when he started, we like, er yer, who's this?), later on, his music just got better and better. this is proof that the big names ain't neccessarily that fantastic re deep dish.

I presume that this pic is taken from the XDA II. :)

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