November 4th, 2010


:: Celebrating Birthdays ::

:: Celebrating Birthdays ::

I was earlier, talking to D, on MSN
About celebrating birthdays. D's birthday falls
On the twenty-sixth of this month. He hopes to get a job
Before his birthday. D asked me, "how do you celebrate your bday?"

"I try not to these days."

"Because of the 30 barrier?"

"I used to celebrate it with a bang.. 
Have a lot of people attending etc... 
But I realize that the birthdays then were not really 
For me or for my close friends."

I think I used to like organizing parties, and my birthday
Became a natural occasion to invite lots of friends to hang out 
And catch up. But what usually happened was that I, being the host
Ended up at the entrance greeting the guests and ensuring that they 
Were well tended to. I realized after a while, that if that was what I 
Really wanted to do, I might as well open a club and be a door bitch.
Perhaps I was really growing older - but birthdays these day
Are more of a non-event. I prefer low key. 

D continued, "I think that birthdays are important and should be
Celebrated because it reminded people of your
Presence. Sometimes as things come and go... I feel
That I am forgotten... even by myself.. and my existence
Seems questionable." 

"Serious?" I asked. 

"I told a friend to celebrate with me last year because 
I want my existence to be remembered," D replied. 

This came to me as rather refreshing. 
While I make time to reflect as I approach my birthdays
Every year, and also celebrated my existence, 
But it was never because I wanted my existence to 
Be remembered. 

"Curious... why do you want your existence
To be remembered," I queried.

"Because I think I have value in this world.
And because I want to be loved too."

That was nice. I can't articulate what I am 
Feeling now, but I appreciate the sharing.