September 16th, 2010


:: Chapter 10: The Long-Term Effects of Short-Term Emotions ::

:: Chapter 10: The Long-Term Effects of Short-Term Emotions ::

Lifted from Chapter 10 of ‘The Upside of Irrationality’,

The interesting book that I am reading now:

Chapter 10: The Long-Term Effects of Short-Term Emotions


Why We Shouldn’t Act on Our Negative Feelings


“For better of worse,, emotions are fleeting.

A traffic jam may annoy, a gift may please,

And a stubbed toe will send us into a bout of cursing,

But we don’t stay annoyed, happy, or upset for very long.

However, if we react impulsively in response to what we’re feeling,

We can live to regret our behavior for a long time.

If we send a furious email to the boss, say something awful to

Someone we love, or buy something we know we can’t afford,

We may regret what we’ve done as soon as the impulse wears off.

(This is why common wisdom tells us to ‘sleep on it,”, “count to ten,”

And “wait till you’ve cooled off,” before making a decision).

In that moment of clarity, reflection, and regret, we often

Try to comfort ourselves with the idea that at least we won’t

Do that again. But can we truly steer clear of repeating the actions

We took in the heat of the moment?”


How very true.


:: Come Join My Team! ::

:: Come Join My Team! ::

I seek passionate, committed and dependable

Professionals to join me (work directly with me) as part of my growing team

Focusing on Environment and Energy Solutions.


Post A – Senior Sales Manager

6 to 10 years of sales experience, preferably in energy & utilities sector.

Well connected with the environment and energy network.

Familiar with smart grids, electricity vehicles charging and HEMS.

Ready to pursue national and regional level opportunities.

Able to carry sales targets of several millions.


Post B – Sales Manager

3 to 5 years of sales experience, preferably in the IT industry.

Able to focus on selling emerging environment and energy solutions.

Ready to engage prospects and follow up for successful sales closure.

Familiar with sales process with keen attention to numbers and details.

Able to carry sales of hundreds of thousands.


Post C – Marketing Coordinator

Poly or University-qualified with background in graphic design.

Experience is preferred but not a must – passion and determination is more critical.

Able to churn out well-designed marketing collaterals and presentation slides.

Assist me and the sales teams in coordinating meetings, events and related matters.

Possess a high energy level and positive attitude.


This is a perfect opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 MNC

Together with me and a few other visionaries to set a new milestone

In Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Interest parties please kindly drop me a mail at


Thank you!