February 3rd, 2010


:: Vouchers ::

:: Vouchers ::

And so I decided to make a trip down
To Kinokuniya Orchard at the last minute.
I arrived at slight past nine.
The shop was already broadcasting the reminder.
"We are about to close in twenty minutes."
I did not have time to browse.
I quickly grabbed the copy of "SuperFreakonomics".
I enjoyed the first "Freakonomics".
And I kinda like the cover design.

With more vouchers to expend, I 
Decided to grab a copy of "Blink".
I read The "Tipping Point" some time ago
And enjoyed it thoroughly.

I would have loved to read some fiction.
But reading fiction is a luxury, methinks.
I'd like to reread "100 Years of Solitude".
I'd like to reread "The Catcher In the Rye".
And maybe Bill Bryson's "Down Under".
I have a book given to me by Dalglish: 
"Letters to a Young Poet".
It was a birthday present many moons ago.
I'd like to read that too.
Wendy gave me a book I treasure deeply.
Titled, "All of Us", it is a special compilation
Of Raymond Carver, a collection of poems.

With the remaining voucher value,
I decided to spend it on filofax refills.

I wonder if I'll be getting vouchers
Again, in April.