September 8th, 2009


:: 5Degrees#11 ::

:: 5Degrees#11 ::

5Degrees#11, Career Development: Coaching & Mentoring,
is a series of career development talks.
This session will focus on opportunities to advance
personal careers and self-development through coaching and mentoring.

These are powerful tools which can be sought either within
Your existing employer organization, your private network or externally.

The evening will center around a panel discussion which will
Reflect different experiences from practitioners and business leaders,
Providing an introduction to the topic, sharing of real life experiences,
Giving advice and answering questions. This event should be useful for everyone who feel
They can develop further both professionally and personally.
And of course, don't forget to bring your name cards for the free-and-easy
Networking session that goes before and follows after the discussion panel.

Date and Time: 16 Sept 2009, 8.00pm - 10.00pm
Venue: Rewind
Charges: $10 at entry, inclusive of 1 house pour

Please come exchange namecards and support this event!