September 2nd, 2009


:: Stretch Marks and Free Pillows ::

:: Stretch Marks and Free Pillows ::

Juggling many assignments and working matters,
I get quickly overloaded to the point that, there is no
Strategy in dealing with the tasks; it becomes a tactical attempt
To deal with what comes first. It reminds me of the Game&Watch
Of yesterday; when there are just too many items for the character to
Juggle, everything falls apart. Amen.

On another note, I have been fascinated with this nondescript
Cream, marketed for "existing stretch marks". I chanced upon StriVectin
While browsing through the SQ in-flight magazine during one of my business trips.
It does not have the premium marketing or branding of Biotherm or SKII or the like.
But I like it rare. And so, since it was Tang's Members' Closed Door Sale today, I decided
To make yet another trip to the StriVectin counter, and cajoled the damsel doing the promotion
To throw in another few freebies. She pointed to the bundled StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler and
Remarked, "Please don't use this; pass it to your Mom instead."
I think most ladies would use SKII or Elizabeth Arden. StriVectin? Don't think so.

On yet another note, upon arriving home, I found a large box waiting for me.
It was labeled as "down pillows". I was surprised. Did anyone mail me a gift of pillows?
It just didn't make sense. It was only when I removed the content from the box, that
I realized that it was a gift from Hyatt. Two pillows from Hyatt, exactly what they
Put on the beds, in their hotel rooms. Fantastic marketing, I must say.

And so, when the lights are off, and I doze off
In the fresh new pillows, perhaps the marks will
Go away.


:: Dreams are what you wake up from ::

:: Dreams are what you wake up from ::

Dreams are what you wake up from.
Dreams are what you wake up from.
Dreams allure, one into reverie
But is that what dreams are made for?
If dreams persist, them dream is death
If dreams perish, then dream is naught.
Dreams are what you wake up from.