June 30th, 2009


:: The Original Parable about Destinations ::

:: The Original Parable about Destinations ::


There was a ladybug and a grasshopper

Living in a pleasant, quiet meadow.

Both the ladybug and the grasshopper lived a simple life.

One day, the ladybug, doing the usual chores,

Set sight on fruit tree in the horizon.

(It wasn’t very far, but from the ladybug’s perspective

It was far, far away).

The ladybug was excited, and shared with grasshopper

Dreams of moving to the fruit tree.

The grasshopper, who was not accustomed to anything

Other than eating grass, was inspired as well,

And both creatures started planning for this trip of their lives.

The story could go on about their arduous journey

But it is really a story about the destination.

Both the ladybug and the grasshopper finally

Arrived at the destination. They were happy.

It was not long, however, that the ladybug

Started feeling depressed about the new environment.

“It is too windy here,” the ladybug said.

“And I don’t like falling mangoes,” the ladybug added.

And the list went on.

The grasshopper paused, and knocked on ladybug’s shell.

“Hey lady(bug)…. “ the grasshopper said.

“It took us a lot of effort, to get to where we are now, our destination.”

“Let us not forget that, and be happy,"

"Or at least try to be happy,” the grasshopper cajoled.

The ladybug pondered, and took another look at the surroundings,

And was happy once more.