May 31st, 2009


:: Fish, Tonight ::

:: Fish, Tonight ::

It was an impromptu evening at the Singapore Arts Museum
Friday evening, as we attended the 'Transport, Asia' exhibition.
This exhibition was part of the Singapore Arts Festival
Showcasing Asian photographers and focusing (methinks)
On transition and movement.

As it was an invitation from C, we grabbed a glass of white
And found him in the glass-encased hall, listening to the VIP's speech.
It was visibly a different crowd; I could see the Tatler bracket,
The arts-scene, the government officials, and then a few
Clueless students and tourists that must have stumbled
to SAM for the Free-Entry-Fridays.

When his speech ended, Minister Lui was whisked to the exhibits
While C introduced us to his group, and we took a picture or two.
Then moved to the other empty gallery; the Part II of the VIP flow.
It was impossible to stick to a group, so we went our own way
And finished the viewing in a jiffy.

Loitering at the foyer, we noticed a large crowd at the back.
Must be the food. We were right; light snacks were served.
The white was foul tasting, so we grabbed a red and
Unabashedly filled our plates with the last few items available.
We moved to the fountain in the courtyard.

And while the Minister and his merry men made their rounds
And C was shuffling between his many friends
And the multitude were, erm, doing the usual
We probably had a great time at the courtyard
Oblivious, unfettered, free.