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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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You're a farmer with an adequate piece of arable land. You start to grow a certain crop and the yield met your expectations, though not spectacular. This goes on for a couple of years, and suddenly you realise that the yields have actually been dwindling over the years; and that you've unknowingly lowered your expectations to align with the decreasing returns.


Would you spend more to purchase fertilisers to make the land fat, so that yields will increase once more? Or would you instead seek greener pastures that promise a fine harvest (short term or long term; you name it, you have it)? What would you do?


Probably the last thing to do is to sit and lower and lower and lower your expectations year by year. Ever seen a frog in a pot of gradually boiling water?

Croak croak.

it depends on how much emotional attachment the farmer has to the land... is it just a mere commodity to him, or something deeper than that?

you can be a prolific farmer, taking arable lands, growing crops on them while neglecting to fertilise and tend to the weeds. when they become arid you move on to the next better place.

but before the farmer abandons, he must remember that it is precisely those now desolate lands that fed him during the good times in the first place.

the farmer has to ask himself, is this what he wants at the end of the day? if it is, then no argument in this world will convince him otherwise, for this is his will.

I think the farmer just want to continue to farm and live his last days as a happy farmer.

The heart has the simplest answers to its own questions..

Go or Stay. The answers are there.
It's the choosing that's difficult.

If you're game for change, you get a new piece of land.
If you're not, work at it.

Then again... We need to understand that all lands will give lower yields through the passage of time if we plant the same crop year after year. That is to be expected.

Either use crop rotation, or get fertilisers...

Never be too quick in dismissing the land for its infertility when often enough... (u get the drift)

Erm.. then when's enough?
When do you realise that it's time to stop?

If fertilisation still works... its worth. if the land is worth anything to you.
if it has gone barren, to the point any fertiliser just leaches away... then perhaps. its time to move on.

I'd move on to greener pastures.

If I have given my all to it for a considerable amount of time, but it is failing me, I will just move on. Sure, I might have gotten attached to the place, used to the environment, know the surroundings and might even have some scars on my body caused by the land but when the time is up, I will let go. Sentiments aside, one must move on to achieve what one wants in life and many more new experience/growth opportunities will come.

If I should stay, it must not remain for agricultural purposes. I will do something else with this piece of land.

I choose not to invest more time and energy into something that won't work. There are other opportunities elsewhere.

You need any help in mowing, hoe-ing or fertilizing? Or seek a new piece of land? hahahaha....

Croak! Croak! Croak!

Re: Another point of view

i need help! me me me...

I'll choose to make the land fat again.

If the land has once served me well, I'm sure I'll have a bit of emotional attachment to the piece of land.

But it's just me, I don't like to dispose of anything that I've emotional attachments for, ultimately the farmer has to make the final decision that will suit him best.

Precisely, choose what fits you the best.

I don't cling on to the past, zhengjie is a sentimental person...

What will you do?

there is no right decisions - make your decision, and work your butt off making it the right one.

convert the land to a multi-storey carpark and get 12% yield p.a.?

if it is about career, i will choose greener pasture.

if it is about something involving people, i agree with what vagabondt said...

Never be too quick in dismissing the land for its infertility...

what i mean is career, not company, in the first sentence.

what-ifs (Anonymous) Expand
everything starts brand new and degrades with time?

a brand new tv will colour over time...
a person will lose fitness with age...
good looks will wither with time... (poor me heh...)

never saw anything that works the opposite direction before though... :)

... the choice is yours to make, let us not cloud your thoughts; just different peopel doing different things.

never ever regret.

*nods again*

I seem to have lots to agree with you.

Very Interesting.
I like the way you phrase it.
i cant say much cos feeling the same ...

maybe ...

1) What kind of crops interest you?
2) What kind of yields do you want?
3) Does the elements favour you here? If its only soil... then its only soil.
4) Lastly... i thoughts toads croak and frogs... ribit... ?? :p

* You start to grow a certain crop and the yield met your expectations, though not spectacular. *

For me. I will ask myself if this statement made in hindsight? or what it is felt all along?

If in hindsight, have I actually already chosen to desert?

If is felt all along, have I really chosen the right plot of land in the first place? But of course, there are several other things to consider.

btw, sorry to intrude into your posting with my babbles.

Ah, perceptive. *smiles*

I think it really depends on where the line's drawn. Just that most of the time, people aren't even able to find the chalk.