December 12th, 2008


:: Let Us Not Forget the Animals This Christmas ::

:: Let Us Not Forget the Animals This Christmas ::

The festive season is upon us, and let's not forget the animals this Christmas.

Come this 19th (Friday) December at PLAY from 8pm onwards till 10pm,

We are joined together with Trevvy, Fly Entertainment, Fridae, and OogaChaga in ‘Powerful Pasar Malam’.

For 5Degrees, we have decided to set up a stall to raise money for SPCA.

Let us all unite this Christmas to show that 5Degrees can make a difference to the little creatures.

Please bring along an item (or a few) in which you would like to put on display for sale at our stall.

All proceeds will go to SPCA and its animals.

There will also be merchandises on sale from SPCA, such as T-shirts, calendars, posters, etc.

A kind friend has already sponsored $500 worth of pet products for sale to raise cash for SPCA.

So if you are able to sponsor, please do so.

Else please help to spread the word around, like in your LJ?

So come on down and join us for this charitable cause!


By the way, it is just the few of us managing the stall.

So if you want to contribute your bit, and don’t mind hanging out with us.

Please feel free to come down and join us this festive season.

I’ll be looking through some clothes, toys, knit-knacks that I can

Bring to the Pasar Malam to raise $$$, so I hope that you can do so too. =)