November 23rd, 2008


:: Flash, Christmas, Syllabus, Ship ::

:: Flash, Christmas, Syllabus, Ship ::

(from pinming 's entry)

Sometimes when an hour can seem like days,
and days can seem like weeks,
it felt like months but it's been a year,
or so it seemed,
but four friends, wwtt,
sat under the glow of the
possibly biggest Christmas tree
on the island city, and by the only
sky garden with shallow waters, tranquil
with flowery Christmasy cups from Starbucks
but made to fill reds that the friends purchased
from bottles and bottles.

"One word each!" said W. T was snapping
candid shots and then some. "Nooo.. why
don't we try playing o-ah-beh-a-som and
then the loser drink?" said W. T tried to
interrupt, but finally, W heard, but he was
insistent anyway, in good fun and good
ways. "It's been a long time since we did
this." T quipped, "yeah.. 2 years, to be
exact." And so, one word each. T gave
Christmas, W gave Flash, T gave Ship
and W gave Syllabus, or Syllables. Armed
with foolscap and pen, wwtt started writing.



Life is a one way journey
With no beginning and no end
It feels like sailing on a ship sometimes
Except it's random with no plan
The only constant seems to be Christmas
And some ideals that seem grand
But life passes in a flash
Like the hourglass releasing sand

The only other constant is a word called Love
A monosyllabic dance
Down here with another
Perhaps all you need this Christmas
are friends.


Was it last Christmas when you said goodbye
To love, to our future and the rest of our lives
No words, spoken as you walked out the door
No words, spoken as the ring fell onto the floor

It's long, the loneliness, long
It's long, the sorrows do go on

On a lonesome ship I sailed around the world
To forget, to relinquish the persistent memory
Of love, a one-syllabus word of pain
Of love, that tortures, with no refrain

It's long, the solitude, long
It's long, the pinings do go on

In a flash, I'm back, to were we were again
A passing year has sailed with me in vain
I called, and hoped for your reply
I waited, against the darkest sky

It's long, the ringing, long
It's long, the ringing, so long
And then you picked up
the phone, and said.


The ship sails
Sails against the waves
Waves that rides on the horizon
Forming syllables that sounds as though it's singing
I stand
I listen
I watch
and I flashed with my camera
The Christmas this year I feel


What is it that makes us set our sails
What is it that makes us leave our shores
Is it dreams? Or is it scars that we're trying to run away from?

What is it that makes us cry our hearts out
What is it that makes us laugh our heads off
Is it love? Is it friends?
Or is it the loneliness that we keep deep within, with happiness as a veil?

Sometimes we have to do
the hardest things that we have to do
When you realize you're stuck
look up and before you know it
you're out at sea and there's only you
and the shining moon

The syllabus of love
like a ship on a stormy sea
sailing for home
amidst flashes of lightning
crashing through waves
thunder and darkness..
but as long as we hold on
to faith, and hope
and before you know it
we will be home
We will be home

Update: iPhone 2.2 Includes Hidden Japanese Emoji Icons

iPhone 2.2 Includes Hidden Japanese Emoji Icons


The latest iPhone 2.2 firmware has one hidden feature that should please Japanese iPhone customers: the inclusion of 461 emoji characters.

Emoji are picture characters that are very popular in the Japanese mobile market. One analyst even specifically cited the lack Emoji support as one of the factors contributing to slow sales in the Japan market:

"The iPhone is a difficult phone to use for the Japanese market because there are so many features it doesn't have," says Eimei Yokota, an analyst with MM Research. He said one small but must-have feature that is often cited as a deficiency in the iPhone is the lack of "emoji," clip art that can be inserted in sentences to jazz up emails.
While the latest iPhone 2.2 firmware contains the emoticons, they are not user accessible at this time. The above screenshot was generated by calling the unpublished API. The images are located in a single artwork file in the UIKit.framework.

The clock icon on the left gives you access to your recent emoji, while the other icons give you access to differently themed emoji.