November 18th, 2008


:: The Last Supper ::

:: The Last Supper ::



The 七五三 Shichigosan Matsuri and its festivities were still ongoing at the local shrine, with the many

Foodstalls selling the traditional yakisoba, takoyaki, and choco-banana, amongst other goodies,

As we moved through the throngs, the working class, in various states of

Sobriety, moving eastwards, towards Shinjuku Station to catch the last train home.

J achieved a superb finishing in his 'pinball' endeavor, and insisted on giving me

A good last supper in this City of No Sleep. We arrived at Tsukiji Sushi (in Shinjuku though),

After some instructions from his wife, M. Apparently J brought his family to Tsukiji Sushi

During his last family trip to Tokyo. We started with draft beer, worked on the raw bits,

Sometimes, on rice; sometimes, not, amongst the chatter of work and life and then, a bit more

And ended with a smooth finish of sake.

Somehow, even as I am about to leave, a tinge of

Wistfulness emerges. I know I'll be back

Again. Someday.