March 9th, 2008


:: All in a Week's Work ::

:: All in a Week's Work :: 

It has been a busy week. 

After the rice dumplings episode, in my apron and my can-opener,
I went on to clear the about-to-be-expired stocks in the kitchen reserve.
The end result: Kame-Gohan, with chestnuts and mushrooms.
It has been a while since we last had dinner in balcony
Which is looking its lushest now, 
Thanks to the new addition of the 
Yellow Frangipani.

Mid Week was 5Degrees#1, which, while coordinated
Via Facebook, still required some coordination and logistics.
The event was a success, with a total of over a hundred participants.
Let's hope that this will kickstart some collaborations,
Job hirings and new business deals. 
Way to go!

Thursday was a long full day at Raffles City Convention Centre
Where I spearheaded and arranged for the exhibition of our NEC-SF 
VMEET High Definition Video Conferencing Solution. 
With two big deals and several more
Prospects in the pipeline, this spells
A good start to a great journey.
Anne looks fab!


Friday. Was supposed to stay in and recuperate. 
Then the SQ Chieftain called, hollered and persuded.
And so we played for the third time, this year
And had a fantastic outing.