August 10th, 2007


:: Using Used Items ::

:: Using Used Items ::

Found this sale item: refurbished iPod mini for only $120.
Off this Singapore sale site.
The sales seem to go on forever.
From the GSS to the current National Day sale.
I once bought myself a refurbished iPod Nano as well.
Thought it was more practical to get a refurbished one.
At a much lower price; almost half the cost of the new one.
I ordered it off the Apple online store.
It was delivered to me, and was packaged like a new one.
There were no scratches.
I couldn't tell the difference.

I wouldn't mind hand-me-down t-shirts as well.
As long as it fits.
And the designs appeal to me.
This applies to a lot of other items as well, I suppose.
In the six five four three degrees of separation,
The concept of using used items becomes even more pervasive.

Someone should come up with a website to monitor this intricate web.
Maybe it's not that intricate after all.
That should be fun.

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