August 7th, 2007


:: Being Thrown Into The Pool ::

:: Being Thrown Into The Pool ::

It was an opportune moment for a celebration of sorts.
Especially when B's birthday's just round the corner.
After National Day, in fact.
And so, an evening BBQ was arranged at T's poolside.
B brought some of his school-friends along as well.
Then M suggested throwing B in the pool.
And within minutes, everything was arranged.
Sister was to remove B's handphone from his pocket while
He was blowing off the candles of his choco-birthday cake.
Almost immediately after that, I called my brother to me and
Before he could utter a word of protest, his friends, myself included, heaved him up
And threw him into the shallow end of the pool.

There is something strange about being thrown into the pool.
Or being "sabo-ed" for that matter, as I said to M and the rest.
Being thrown into the pool is, in fact, an affirmation of being
Accepted as part of the group, and this in case, the centre of attraction.
Everyone agreed, and thought it was a good idea to take the 'risk'.

As we were discussing this matter, B's friends smashed the
Awfully chocolate cake into his face.

I smiled.

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:: Domo Matrix ::

:: Domo Matrix ::

Found this amusing Domo animation off the net.
In fact, Domo is set to achieve stardom.
Domo TV will appear on Nicktoons Network in the US and
Nickelodeon Worldwide in Fall 2007.
Hope we'll get to see him here on Starhub cable.

Here's the newsfeed:
Get ready for the Domo Nation. Hatched from a mysterious egg,
A strange looking creature emerges to hear a television newscaster
Greeting his audience with the word "domo".
The creature immediately adopts the word as his name and Domo is born.
While his entire vocabulary consists of only one word,
H speaks volumes to people of all ages, nationalities, and cultures.
Through a recently announced deal with mobile content leader uclick
Domo wallpapers, animated screensavers, ringtones, games, menu themes
And video will be launched beginning Fall 2007.
Domo TV will appear on Nicktoons Network in the United States and
Nickelodeon Worldwide in 2007.
Domo is much more than a mysterious creature;
He's an icon for a new generation.
Are you ready for Generation D?
Big Tent Entertainment represents all rights worldwide excluding Asia.

(excluding Asia?)

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