April 26th, 2007


:: To the Left ::

:: To the Left ::

For the past month or two, Beyonce's Irreplaceable has been riding the local airwaves.
With a good does of catchy lyrics, the song has found a Place in my brainwaves as well.
For some strange reason the line "To the left to the left, .... in a box to the left."
Loops at the back of My head, like a broken record.

I admit.
Like many other songs, the lyrics of Irreplaceable were not totally cohorent to me.
I caught certain catchy bits of it, and that was about all I can make of the song.
There was an intro about a box to the left, which I assume was a box
Containing presents(?) that the singer's lover has given to her?
There was something about "walking and talking at the same time."
Romantic walks down the park?
There was a bit about "how I'm such a fool... how I'll never find a man like you."
Obviously the singer was madly in love with her lover!
And the chorus, "You have have known about me."
She sings that twice.
Was she talking about how fate brought them together?
And of course, the keyword "Irreplaceable" sealed my doubts.
She terms her lover "Irreplaceable."
Such was their love.

Imagine my surprise when I finally checked on the lyrics and
Found out that it was but another angsty song.
I suddenly found a connection with her duet with Shakira, Beautiful Liar.
I recall Gloria Gaynor, Cher and Whitney Houston immediately.
Call me an optimist, but seriously the melody was meant for a happier,
More lovey-dovey song.

I look in my closet.
I look the the left.
Nope, no boxes there.

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